Terms of Booking


​Trips and activities are booked via email. Booking should be made at latest in time schedule mentioned on trip information. Jokimaan Paroni will confirm trip schedule and time by email. With this confirmation you will get invoice for your booking.


​Day activities: You should pay your trip totally (100%) before trip. NOTE! After your payment, booking is confirmed.

​Trip packages and Bootcamp: You get your first invoice for reservation fee (30 %). After you have payed this reservation fee, your booking is confirmed. The invoice for remaining payment should be payed at latest four (4) weeks before trip.


​The cancellation should be made by email. After we have reserved and confirmed your cancellation, it is accepted.

​Cancellation fee for day activities: If you cancel your reservation 24 hours before trip, the total trip fee will be charged. If you get acute illness, you have however right to move your trip to some other time.

Cancellation fee for trip packages and Bootcamp: If you cancel you reservation 60 days before trip date, you will get your money back. If cancellation is made after that, reservation fee will not be returned. If you cancel your trip two (2) weeks before trip date, the total trip fee will be charged.


​We highly recommend to you to have a travel insurance.